Welcome to 5starpathways.uk

  • Are you seeking free resources for your business?
  • Want to know the secrets of the restaurant trade and apply them to the home?
  • Are you a restaurant or pub owner seeking cost effective and time sensitive training solutions?

The mission of 5 Starpathways is to provide all of these and more; for your enjoyment and benefit.

We are beginning this journey with food safety. After all, I have been a food safety advisor and trainer for over 20 years. It seems reasonable to start with what I know. 

But our quest is to provide you with so much more. I regularly apply tips and ideas I've picked up from my safety visits to my home. Whether that be using a hot knife to thinly slice Mozzarella  or rolling a pizza base. And I want to pass these tips on to you.

Prior to becoming a food safety advisor I worked for over ten years in the hospitality industry; pubs, restaurants and hotels. 

I am looking forward to this journey, I hope you'll find this site to be useful and I hope you'll also check out my Facebook page: